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Now offering worldwide online instruction using Zoom! Contact us today about ongoing instruction and observing a FREE class. 


The Sennin Foundation Center for Japanese Cultural Arts is a nonprofit organization in Albany, between Berkeley and El Cerrito. Our dojo can be found at 1053 San Pablo Avenue, in a safe, well-lit neighborhood 1 1/2 miles from the El Cerrito Plaza and North Berkeley 

BART stations. AC Transit's 72 bus stops in front of our dojo. To see a map of our location, click here.

Hover over the photos to show the title of the image. Click to see the full picture and read a caption. After an image is enlarged, use the arrows to navigate through our gallery. Be sure to click "Show More" to see all the photos.

Images of Japanese yoga, healing arts, martial arts, and fine arts are intermingled here,but they represent 

separate classes at our dojo. The Sennin Foundation Center works like a university for Japanese cultural arts, with Japanese yoga being the basic course, and martial arts, healing, and brush calligraphy functioning as optional electives. Classes for children blend Japanese yoga and martial arts.



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